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Languages for Kids

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Learning the alphabet in a second language is much easier when the words start with the same letter in both languages.

This enchanting picture book introduces...

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Diglot the Dragon soft toy is a fantastic way for children to practice their communication skills in the new language. Children love to talk to their best friend Diglot and...

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25mm (1 inch) Welsh place name badge "I love ...." example shown is "I love Llandudno" this can be substituted to any place name required (as long as it fits) please just...

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Language books for Children
Here at Diglot we love languages, but more than anything we love having fun! We can all learn a lot of things from young children, but one of the best is that learning itself can be fun. We have thrown away those boring text books, and 1970’s illustrations and replaced them with fun, vibrant beautifully illustrated bilingual books, toys, cd’s and games that can inspire anyone to learn a new language.
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A big thank you to Simon for this excellent video of Diglot dancing to "I Can Sing in French and English"

If you are good at making videos and would like to make a video of your children learning a second language or even of Diglot himself please share it with us!



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