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Thanks to the overwhelming enthusiasm of Stephen Gadd, Tony Hak and Polin Prys we are proud to announce the publication of the first ever children's e-book in Cornish and English!

Matthew ha'n Eskisyow Glaw

(Matthew and the Wellington Boots) is now available to download as an E-book from all major outlets that support fixed layout picture books in celebration of St Piran's Day.

Now available from iTunes by following this link, and from Amazon by following this link.

In the meantime please feel free to download the free audio book by clicking below.

Free Audio Book of -  Matthew ha'n Eskisyow Glaw

Matthew ha'n Eskisyow Glaw

FREE - Audio Book Download

Matthew and the Wellington Boots read in Cornish by Polin Prys.

Matthew and the Wellington Boots Cornish AudioBook Version:1.0

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When, Stephen Gadd approached us in 2012 about publishing one of our bilingual children's story books in Cornish we were initially a little sceptical. "I am sure I once bought a tea towel on holiday in Cornwall which joked about the language dying out in the 1800's" one of my colleagues said. This is a common misconception, and in fact since the Cornish language became protected under the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages in 2001 there has been a significant revival in Cornish.

It is far from being compulsory in schools, like Welsh, but about a quarter of primary schools now offer some Cornish, and several have developed their own curriculum. There is even a fully bilingual Cornish nursery school, and thousands of people are now considered "conversant" in Cornish. Far from being simply a heritage quirk, and a link with a lost Celtic identity, speaking Cornish is becoming more and more popular particularly amongst the younger generation. After all, speaking a second language is a skill set, not an affair of the heart or cultural loyalty, so why shouldn't people from Cornwall take advantage of a skill that is right on their own doorstep and raise their children to speak Cornish as well as English.

To find out more about the Cornish language, and how to go about raising your child to speak Cornish please visit the Cornish Language Partnership website.

Our kind thanks for this project go out to:

Stephen Gadd - was the inspiration for Diglot Books to provide a Cornish children's book. He is a recently qualified primary school teacher living in North London, but originally from Camborne. He is currently studying for his fourth grade exams in Cornish at City Lit (the highest qualification available in Cornish).

Tony Hak - kindly agreed to proof read and check all of our translations. He is a teacher of Cornish at the adult education college City Lit, and translator of The Little Prince, Owen's voyage, and parts of the Cornish version of the Bible.

Polin Prys - kindly agreed to help us with the audio book, and I am sure you will agree she has done a great job! Polin Prys is the author of Bora Brav - a comprehensive Cornish language Course book.


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